5 of the Best: UK Laser Cutting Companies

Whether you’re in need of large scale production, cutting and folding of parts for the manufacturing or automotive industry, or you’re after a one-off prototype or a custom piece of art, there are a number of top quality UK companies that work hard to meet the needs of clients of all shapes and sizes all over the country. From gearboxes to personalised iPads, here are some of the top businesses in the UK for laser cutting:

GF Laser, conveniently located in Birmingham, provides a wide range of laser cutting services in a variety of materials. From 5 axis laser cutting to sheet metal bending, laser prototyping, flatbed laser cutting, and 3D laser scanning, the company is also able to offer a range of other services such as press braking, machining, drilling / tapping and powder coating. With 24/7 cutting and a 3D laser inspection service guaranteeing a perfect result, you can be sure of a flawless finish and a speedy turnaround.

The Laser Cutting Company is based in Sheffield, and specialises in laser cut tube, laser cut flat profiles, laser cut beams and open sections. From bespoke parts to huge high-volume batches, The Laser Cutting Company uses their state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, which run around the clock, to provide ‘a one-stop-shop for customer’s primary metal fabrication needs’.

Cut Laser Cut is a London based laser cutting and engraving service, providing top quality laser services and design work. They specialise in working with artists and designers to product stunning pieces of functional and decorative modern art, furniture and fashion. Their portfolio showcases a custom engraved iPad, geometric laser cut furniture and an etched acrylic award for Alicia Keys, amongst other amazing examples.

Cut Tec Cutting Technologies Limited is a large-scale cutting company with the capacity to offer laser cutting &engraving up to 3000mm x 2000mm. They have six lasers processing anything from mylar film to 20mm mild steel, and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cut Tec cater to both the engineering and creative industries, and their impressive showcase features work for the London Paralympics, an installation at the Royal Academy, and a project for a hotel interior which was so impressive it won a coveted Northern Design Award.

Subcon Laser Cutting Services prides itself on the expertise and experience of its team of technical engineers. Based in Nuneaton, they provide services for clients in industries as diverse as agricultural and Rail Transport. The company can cut Aluminium, Plastics, Acrylic, Wood/MDF, Brass ½ Hard, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and a number of other materials, and are recognised as a leading supplier of 2 axis laser cutting in the UK.

Save Money This Summer With Discount Trailer Repair in Tulsa And A DIY Attitude

If your trailer is showing it’s age and you are suspicious about it’s safety or reliability then show it the love it deserves by making it a DIY repair project.  Maybe you are in the market for a used trailer but are on a limited budget so most trailers in your price range are quite beat up; don’t worry, you can get it into working condition in no time.

Check over your old trailer for issues.  These could include axels that are bent, broken welds on the frame of the chassis, broken bearing, lighting that doesn’t work or other more cosmetic defects.  Most used trailers will display some of these problems so there are lots of used parts or cheap aftermarkets available for purchase.  Figure out what’s broken on your trailer and make a list that you can start checking off.

If the boards of your trailer are in bad shape, remove them.  Use some WD-40 to loosen seized bolts or cut them off with an angle grinder if they are too stubborn.  Once they are out fo the trailer, take a grinder or sander and begin resurfacing.  Remove all the rust and then use an air compressor to blow any dust away from the surface of the trailer.  Repaint any the trailer with a coat of rust inhibiting paint.  If welds are cracked or broken you can rent a 120-volt welder to weld them into shape.

Take a look at the wheel bearings and replace them if they are worn.  You will need to be able to hammer out the old bearings before greasing and installing the new ones.  Bearings are an important part because failure in this area can cause a tire to come loose.

The trailer lighting system is also extremely important for safety and legality on the road.  If your lighting isn’t working you can try to find out which wires are broken with a volt meter but if your trailer is quite aged a complete overhaul of the electrical system is in order.  Start by removing all the old wiring but make note of where the wires were run to save time during the installation phase.  You can purchase a wiring kit for fairly cheap (usually around $20) that will include all the wires you need to get the lights up and working again.  Include light bulbs and housings on your list of purchases of they are needed.  Bulbs are very inexpensive and should be replaced frequently and spare should be kept on hand at all times when the trailer is traveling.  Check the instructions that come with the wiring harness to layout where the wires need to go.  Use a coat hanger (or two to pull wires through the frame of your trailer to keep them out of the elements and connect them to the light housing and the wiring harness that attaches to the tow vehicle.  Once you have the wires run and the lights installed, hook the harness up to your tow vehicle and test the lights, brake lights and turn signals.  If they work, perfect, if not, retrace your steps to find where you missed something or consider replacing your light housings if you haven’t already.

Make sure your trailer tires are road worthy and are inflated properly to not only remain safe while driving but save on fuel costs as well.

If you’re the handy type, trailer repairs can be a fun DIY project that you can complete in a weekend, saving a bunch of cash along the way.  If you’d rather have your trailer professionally repaired you can find your local trailer repair shop and get a quote from them.  For help locating your nearest trailer repair shop you can do an Internet search.  That’s what I did and it worked like a charm.  I live in Tulsa so I simply went to Google and typed in “trailer repair Tulsa” and was quickly given a list of trailer repair places in my area.  I ended up fixing my own trailer after picking their brains about a couple issues I had and buying my replacement parts there too.

Take the time ti=o ensure your trailer is repaired and in good condition so you can expect many miles of fun and utility from it.

Automotive Engine System

Internal combustion engine is a precise combustion fuel mixture of liquid fuel and air in the cylinder drive. The fuel pumped into the reservoir until it is needed, then a car or a new carburetor, fuel injection system.Carburetor control air and gas mixture, the engine is moving. Fuel mixes with air at the top of the tube, called suction pipes leading to cylinders. The vacuum created by the shock piston Air Base closed the carburetor and intake manifold. Gassed in an air flow of fuel into fine spray or vapor is converted. Pounds of fuel intake pipe in the steam cylinder, which ignited.

All new vehicles produced today, equipped with fuel injection instead of carburetors. Calibrated nozzle fuel burst into the cylinders, either in or close to apertures in the combustion chambers. As the exact amount of gas injected into the appropriate cylinder, fuel injection is more accurate to vote easier and more consistent as a carburetor, with greater efficiency, effectiveness, responsiveness and control pollution of the engine. Injection systems are very different, but most are electronically controlled and operated.

High-performance car is often the air compression equipment installed on the engine power output is increased. Since the air and fuel flow into the engine, the compressors are driven by the crankshaft. Turbocharger is compressed to control the gas turbine exhaust.

The exhaust system includes exhaust from internal combustion engines to soften or reduce the atmospheric engine noise. Exhaust gases leave the engine in a tube, through the catalytic converter and exhaust from the exhaust gases.

Dangerous chemical reactions in the catalytic carbon monoxide and the engine oil from water vapor and carbon dioxide produced.

A silent film classic is a closed metal tube filled with good absorbing material. Most of the silent film classic, round or oval, with inlet and outlet pipes on both sides. Those are some of the barriers that reduce engine noise.

Engine manufacturers are equipped with electronic noise, which uses sensors to test the sound the exhaust system fitted noise monitoring. Data sent sound waves through a personal computer, speakers at the exhaust pipe. The system generates sound waves 180 degrees is not consistent with sound engine. Sound waves in silence Save Cancel electronic and acoustic signals, so that only low-level heat in the exhaust pipe. It is generated in the engine combustion temperatures hot enough to melt iron. Cooling system of the heat engine cylinder and radiates into the air.

In most cars, the coolant circulates through the engine. The pump sends coolant from the radiator, heat the refrigerant in the air. In the beginning was the engine coolant. In most modern cars freezing, chemical solution known as refrigerant, which has a higher boiling point and lower freezing point of water, was effective in extreme temperatures. Some are air-cooled engines, which mean that they are designed to allow air to reach the metal plate for heat from the cylinder.

Automotive Engine Repair Process

As vehicle engines become old, or improperly maintained, internal engine component failure can occur. While some vehicle owners may choose to simply buy a new car, there are many people that want to repair their engines so that they do not have to take on a car payment for a new car. Especially in this economy, it is understandable how people want to stretch their money as far as it can go. In many cases, rebuilding a damaged engine is more cost effective then buying a new car in the long run.

When an engine has failed, a skilled automotive technician will remove it from the vehicle. This is a laborious process and can often cost around seven hundred dollars to remove and reinstall automotive engines. Once the engine is out of the vehicle, it normally is given to a skilled engine builder for further assessment.

Once the engine builder has the engine, it will be carefully disassembled. Notes will be taken during this process to document the damage found. Once the engine is completely disassembled, all of the components are chemically cleaned to remove the oil, carbon and any contaminates. At this point, the engine builder can use specialized measuring tools to determine whether or not the internal engine parts are within acceptable tolerances. After a full assessment is made, the engine builder will then quote out the parts and labor necessary to repair the engine.

The labor to repair an engine is the largest component of the overall engine repair bill. In many cases the cylinder block must be bored, new pistons installed on the connecting rods and the cylinder heads reconditioned. Another labor intensive process is repairing the crankshaft.

When you hear people saying that their engine has a “spun bearing,” this simply means that one of their crankshaft bearings has failed. Bearing and crankshaft failure, by most accounts, are the leading cause of failed engines being removed from vehicles. When the crankshaft must be reconditioned, the process is completed in a crankshaft grinding machine. The equipment to perform this task can cost well over $50,000, which is why repairing crankshafts is not inexpensive.

After all of the engine components have been repaired or replaced, an engine builder will thoroughly clean all of the components before assembly. This is needed to remove any contaminates from the internal engine parts. With clean parts in hand, the engine builder may assemble the engine in a clean environment so that it is ready for the automotive technician to install.

After the automotive technician has installed the rebuilt engine, in most cases they will offer a limited warranty of one to three years. This warranty assures vehicle owners that the investment they made in repairing their engine is protected by a contract. With a typical car payment being $300 or more each month, vehicle owners can often save nearly $10,000 when they repair a failed engine instead of buying new. In these tight economic times, those savings can allow consumers the opportunity to save a significant amount of money over just a few years.